Doors & Fireplace Mantels

Large or small, barn wood doors and fireplace mantels are a unique way to create a focal point in your space.


Large or small, barn wood doors are a unique way to create a focal point in your space. In addition to acting as a focal point, barn wood doors are also a practical solution. When opened, they are level with the wall which keeps your space open and free flowing.

The needs of our customers vary, therefore we handcraft our doors on a made to order basis. What do we need to get started on your order? Snap a picture or two of your room, and take a few measurements of the space the door will cover. Then, bring your pictures and ideas into our store and we’ll go to the drawing board with you to bring your idea to life. Don’t know you’re looking for? No problem! Be inspired by our barn wood door photo gallery, then contact us to place your order!


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Fireplace Mantels

Bring comfort and style to your house.

Our mantels are made from barn wood beams that were once part of the internal structural framework of century old barns. During deconstruction, we are careful to harvest each piece by hand so the original character or integrity of the wood isn’t compromised. No two pieces of lumber are the same. Every original knot, worm hole and axe mark pays tribute to the woods working history, while at the same time brings warmth, beauty and style to your space. Choose from our selection of handcrafted mantels in our store, or let us craft a custom mantel specific to your needs. Contact us to get started!